In late 2010, following feedback from its clients, Beaumont Corporate Services in tandem with its software partners, developed LARES as a means of meeting the payroll requirements of ACT based companies and organisations. LARES is the complete outosurced payroll solution that frees your company's resources.

Outsourcing your payroll is a simple process if you choose BCS and its payroll solution ‘LARES’ – the Leave, Allowance, Remuneration and Entitlement Solution.

The fundamental goals of BCS in developing LARES were to:

  • provide a professional and accurate payroll software solution, capable of being customised to a client’s requirements;
  • provide an easy to use client portal through which employees are empowered to maintain control over their personnel information associated with payroll;
  • provide an easy to use management portal through which managers are empowered to contribute to the accurate running of their company’s payroll; and
  • provide a suite of reports for management personnel, providing them easy access to all payroll related information.

How Does LARES Work?

By choosing to outsource through LARES, BCS creates your enterprise and/ or employment agreement within its software, incorporating every deduction and pay item available to your personnel. BCS provides an online portal in which your organisation’s personnel are empowered to maintain their personnel details, apply for leave, and where required to do so, submit their timesheets.

At the end of the pay cycle, BCS collates all of your information and executes a pay run on your behalf. This pay run is checked by BCS personnel for errors, omissions and legislative compliance. Once satisfied that your pay run is accurate, it dispatches back to you a journal entry (for upload into your accounting system) and a banking file (for upload into your bank).  Consequently, your organisation’s requirement to “run a payroll” does not exist.