Niall Fay - Project Manager, Payroll Solutions

Niall Fay is an experienced senior manager, project manager and security/ risk consultant.

Niall has spent over 7 years working in the fields of security, defence intelligence and risk management as an analyst, consultant and general manager.

As a consultant, Niall has delivered risk management, business continuity and physical security advice to a wide range of government departments through its executive and senior executive personnel. Additionally, he has specialised in the tailoring of personnel and personal security strategies for government departments with both large domestic and international presences.

As a general manager of what was Australia’s largest commercial vetting agency, he was responsible for the delivery of background checking and probity assessments for both the private and public sector – including assessments on behalf of Australia’s premier defence and law enforcement agencies.

As a senior manager, he excelled in the delivery of simple yet effective solutions tailored specifically to meet the context and requirements of his clients. Known for his effective and precise communications skills within the security sector, he has since applied his effective problems solving skills to the corporate sector, delivering advice on the privacy act and business practices. Combining his senior management and project management experience, he is in now in charge of the Beaumont Corporate Services Payroll Solution – LARES.

Niall is personally driven to deliver high quality solutions for his clients,  developing a desire for perfection through his training as an elite athlete during his youth where he was a scholarship holder at the South Australia & Australian Institute’s of sport (in men’s football).

Niall can be contacted on 02 6126 4599 or 0402 33 47 48, or by email at